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2 years trying no baby yet just lots of pelvic pain

Discussion in 'Wanting to conceive' started by Miaszia, May 17, 2017.


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  1. Miaszia

    Miaszia New Member

    I had a major intense pain in my pelvic area at the beginning and admiring and after sex with my partner , it did go away for an hr. My period is 2 weeks late, so we hoped I am pregnant but I went to the doctor and blood test , urine test and ultrasound all was normal . I don't think I have nothing and pain is just like this happen.... also we try to have baby almost 2 years now, and nothing happened yet. What possibilities could be this? I am sad bc I know deep down that something is wrong and I don't wanna play with nature and make things unnaturally happen. But I wanna know I am all right and one day it will happen and I don't have something secret disease in me that cause all these symptoms....
    I am 32years old and health athletic body, I exercise daily cardio yoga and a few times weight training and eat healthy but I don't eat more meat than fish.
    I am happy that the doctors says I am fine but I wanna go after to this pain and missions periods and no baby yet.
    Can you please tell me your advices or experiences or diagnose about this???
    Thank you so much! I appreciate any help or comment!

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