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Breastfed baby is teething!

Discussion in 'General Breastfeeding' started by Princess, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    My friend's 6-month old baby's first teeth are already showing, and she constantly complains that it really, really hurts. I can imagine her pain, but I don't have much advice to give. Any moms there who went down that road?
  2. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    Sounds painful just thinking about it! :(
    Maybe try pumping and transferring the breastmilk to a bottle.
  3. Gosh! I have experienced that including the biting of nipple and pulling it! Goodness, it hurts like hell! I always bite my lip in pain when my baby was at that stage. I endured the pain, asking my son not to bite it. It lasted for months and then he gave up. Hahaha.
  4. Summer

    Summer Member

    Oh no! I should be ready for this. My baby is almost 4 months but still no signs of teething. Now I am scared, I am laughing at myself. Haha.
  5. Dilly's Mom

    Dilly's Mom Active Member

    I did. And it was torturous! I was crying the first few times he did it. I even went as far as using a nipple shield, but it kept getting stuck on his face so i gave up on it too. I then learned to pull him away every time he bites, and I will make a stern sounding request. He will fidget and cry, but I made sure I don't re-attach him unless he has calmed down. After a week or two, he learned that if he bites, he won't get the booby, so he eventually stopped. :D
  6. I didnt experience this, but my mom told me that I was a biter! lol. she said that after feeding me, she'd use petroleum jelly to ease and sooth the pain from breastfeeding me. another alternative would be using a breast pump, extract the breast milk, and put it in a bottle. hope this helps! :)
  7. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    Hmm. Maybe I should try this next time this happens. It didn't happen with my first baby, but oh I do not want to experience it!
  8. MrHandy

    MrHandy Member

    My wife experienced this a lot, and she would have tears falling while breastfeeding. When she couldn't take it anymore, she just pumped breastmilk continuously.
    I tried not to intervene, because she is a very irritable woman during those times lol :p

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