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Could I be pregnant???

Discussion in 'Am I pregnant?' started by MandaPanda, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. MandaPanda

    MandaPanda New Member

    I am currently 8 days late I took 2 dollar store pregnancy tests and both were negative but that was only 2 days after I was supposed to start. I have been cramping like period cramps off and on for the last few days but no period. I have also had random headaches almost like tension headaches, I feel bloated, my vagina is red and irritated and I am having white discharge that's not thick just white and runny. Last night I had sex with my fiancé and he said after licking on my nipples that he tasted something funny which would be colostrum or have every you spell it I noticed it the other day when i barely squeezed my nipple. I hope I am pregnant we have wanted another baby for awhile but no luck.
  2. RoNa

    RoNa Administrator

    Skipping a period is a common occurrence for many women. When accompanied by abdominal cramping and the knowledge that she's not pregnant, a woman may become concerned. More often than not, abdominal cramping and an absent period are simply two separate symptoms that coincide at the same time. It is also possible to produce breast milk when not pregnant for several different reasons. What I can suggest is try another pregnancy test after a few days and see what happens. You might also want to consult your doctor about these.

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