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Could I be pregnant?

Discussion in 'Am I pregnant?' started by Imani Tyus, May 10, 2017.

  1. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    Hi everyone,

    So I usually get the depo shot. I've been getting it for about 3 years. Usually when its time for me to get a new shot I get period symptoms and ill start spotting and eventually leading to a period if I am late for my shot. I usually dont get s period while on the depo..Well on the 28th of April I was supposed to get my next shot but I decided to give my body a break. Plus I don't want to take the depo anymore. When the 28th came around I had no symptoms of a period no spotting or anything. Then May 3rd I had some bright pink spotting. But other than that I had no more and here we are on the 10th. I have mild cramping here and there but that's about it. On the 28th I had to take a pregnancy test at the doctor but it came back negative. Can someone tell me something about my situation please!?!?!
    Thanks for reading!
  2. Is it possible that because you've been on the Depo so long that it's still in your system?
  3. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    I'm not sure. Everytime its time for my next shot I get my period and this is the first time ever that I haven't gotten anything not symptoms, nothing
  4. Hmm.. well I suppose it wouldn't be the first time that someone became pregnant while on birth control. The thing now is trying to figure out when your period was even due, and figuring out if you're far enough along to test positive. Sounds like May 3rd could be implantation bleeding, so you should test positive by now since your body starts mass-producing the hormone at home tests look for 3-4 days after implantation bleeding stops.
  5. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    Yea that's the thing. I have no idea when my period would be. I'm still looking for signs of tender breast, dark nipples, a few other signs but I don't know if it's too early. This would be my first pregnancy and I went straight to google for early pregnancy symptoms lol
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  6. Yeah, I'm in the same boat basically. This would be my first pregnancy and I've been all over Facebook groups, here, YouTube and Google looking for signs and symptoms. I've had nausea, tender breasts, back pain, increased urination, and the bleeding. Keep in mind not everyone gets every symptom. Are you excited?
  7. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    Oh okay because I was looking at this chart and it had like "such and such days you'll experience this" I am excited and scared at the same time. I've been having baby on the brain for a while. I drive school buses and I drive the little ones. Pre k and kindergarten all of my friends have kids and little babies, are getting pregnant and if it's my time I have to prepare. Are you excited?? I think it will be a journey but I'm ready for a litte bundle of joy
  8. Yes, I'm elated actually. This was my wife's and I's first time trying to conceive so if I'm actually pregnant then I'm going to be flabbergasted that it only took one try lol. I work in retail, so I see parents with their kids all the time, and most of my friends have kids (since I'm near 30) so I will fit right in lol.
  9. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    Awww that is AWESOME!! Fingers crossed that you are with child ❤❤❤ By the time I have a kid all of my friends kids will be in like 2nd and 3rd grade lol I'm 23 and some of my friends have a child or 2 and I'm just over here like waiting patiently lol
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  10. I didn't want kids when I was your age, I was convinced I wasn't going to have any - and even if I did, I was sure that my wife would carry. And here I am... possibly almost 2 weeks pregnant o_O
  11. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    Well for the longest time I've been saying I'm not gonna have any. But then I see the little ones and they're so adorable. I mean I know I'll be a great mom but I can wait if I'm not pregnant. I didn't come off the shot to get pregnant. I wanted to give my body a break. I was gaining tons of weight, really bad mood swings. I hope you are pregnant!! That would be awesome! A nice little family I'm over here smiling thinking about it. Is that weird? Lol I hope not!
  12. Lol of course it's not weird :) And I hope so too :)

    Kids are certainly cute, I'm currently being used as an impromptu couch by my roommates toddler. He's tracing my hand with his though, so I'm totally cool with it, it's relaxing lol.
  13. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    Lol I like when my little cousin traces my tattoos or tries to color them in so I know exactly what you're talking about lol I wish you a well pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby! Are you hoping for a boy or a girl or it really doesn't matter?
  14. I want a girl personally, a little mini-me with blonde hair and blue eyes, but my wife wants a boy so "the family name gets passed down" lol. Our donor has light brown hair and eyes, and both of my parents have dark brown hair, so watch me get a brown eyed brunette lmao.

    I had a dream when I was a teenager that I had a 2 year old son with blonde curly hair and blue eyes and it stuck with me.. one of those really realistic dreams? Then a friend tells me that she had a dream where she was coming to my baby shower and had a blue and yellow blanket, so she's been calling the potential fetus "he" whenever we talk. I think I'm doomed LOL.
  15. Imani Tyus

    Imani Tyus New Member

    Lol well you might be in for a boy or msybe twins! A boy and a girl lol that way everyone is happy! Or what if your wife gets a donor and she has the opposite sex of what you're gonna have! Thst would be cool. Maybe you'll have a light brown eyed blond haired baby. With recessive genes you never know!! I have blond arm hairs and other random blonds in my head and all over my body from my great grandfather on my mom's side. Your baby might get recessive genes from your familg or the donor. Thats the beauty of it all. You have an idea, you know what you want but then magic happens lol and you're like "that came from me?"
  16. Haha I don't want two babies at the same time if I can help it (twins omitted), and I don't think my wife wants to carry really, which is fine by me.

    Yeah.. I could do either a light brown eyed blonde baby, or a blue eyed brunette baby, it's just the combo of brown eyes and brown hair that has me like, "Where's me?" Lol

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