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Could it be labor?

Discussion in '3rd Trimester' started by Justinechan, May 24, 2017.

  1. Justinechan

    Justinechan New Member

    So I'm 39 weeks, and today I've been having these weird pains. It feels like I have to poop (TMI sorry). It's that kind of pressure mixed with slight menstrual like cramping. They range from 3-5 mins only lasting anywhere from 30-45 seconds. I don't know if I should go in and be checked. Any advice will help thanks!!
  2. Joy

    Joy New Member

    Maybe you were experiencing a slow labor. :) They say that some pregnant women encountered that kind of weird pains when their cervix dilate. You should go and be checked since your were now 39 weeks pregnant.
  3. Charm

    Charm Member

    The pain that your experiencing is due to stretching of ligaments, in preparation for birth. You must see a doctor and be checked.

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