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Discussion in 'Teens' started by HappyMum, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    I've read and heard many news stories about how there are so many online predators around, targeting mostly teens and younger primary school kids. It's very alarming, with those such as rapists, and perverts lurking around, trying to get kids to meet up with them, or trying to pry important information out of them. :mad::eek:
    Any suggestions on how we can prevent this? I have nieces and nephews that I don't want getting involved with such people!
  2. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    I heard many news stories about them too, and they really like preying on younger children because they are gullible. It's horrifying and as a parent, I am worried because kids nowadays severely depend on the internet for so many things from socializing, entertainment, homework, and learning, that you can't really keep them away from the internet too long. :(
  3. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    I think there are software around, both free and paid apps, that parents and guardians can use to monitor and restrict their children's online activities. Even if you're not at home, you'll be able to see what your child is doing online, if he/she is talking to strangers or if they are visiting dangerous sites such as porn sites or chatrooms that are not child-friendly.
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  4. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    Not only are there online predators around looking for gullible and unaware children, but cyber-bullying happens around their social circles as well. I heard that on Facebook, there are very harsh bashing and insults, that are very serious and cause trauma to the children being bullied even if there is no physical hurt being made.
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  5. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    Oh, this happens more often than we think. There are even cases when the child is so traumatized that he or she becomes depressed, withdraws from all people, loses all self esteem, and sometimes become suicidal :( :(
  6. Dilly's Mom

    Dilly's Mom Active Member

    I have a friend whose sister actually had a mental breakdown after being cyber-bullied. she didnt talk for months! i agree, best take precautions, and if my kid calls me a killjoy, i will swallow it just to keep him safe.
  7. Solange Diaz

    Solange Diaz Active Member

    There's an app for that, surely. But also, i think the best way is to still make sure you connect with your kids so that they won't look for that connection somewhere else. Internet safety can be taught to kids too, i just saw an ad on FB about training nannies on how to help their kids stay internet-safe. That'll be perfect for mommies too.
  8. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    What's scary actually is that we parents sometimes lose control iver our kids when they want to go on the internet all the time.
    For primary school age children and teens especially, who want their privacy, this can become difficult because of peer pressure. Their friends influence them to go on the internet to share photos and information, post updates, and even talk to strangers.
  9. What's worse is when people could actually hack into your surveillance system. I saw this news once, the parents were surprised to find out that there are people talking through their child's baby monitor!

    I do think that it is becoming more difficult that you really just have to be extra careful and teach your kids vigilance.
  10. Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago Member

    As parents, we really have to limit and control our kids' exposure to the internet. I can't exactly describe how, but I found this great article online: http://blog.trendmicro.com/controlling-childrens-internet-access-good-parenting-dont-embarrassed/
  11. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    Oh my, I wouldn't want that to happen to me!
    Technology is so unstable, they are being marketed as helpful, and while most of the time they are, they give security risks to our family as well.
  12. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

  13. There are a lot of ways we could set up protection and whatnots for our kids, the thing is if it's on the internet, they will find it for sure. They are getting smarter, we just have to make sure that we give them unconditional love and proper attention so we notice when there's something wrong before it gets worse.
  14. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    Bullying, in whatever form it may come (physical, emotional, etc.), is just a complete no-no! :mad::mad::mad:

    Gone are the days where respect was the requirement, rather than the exception.
  15. Joy

    Joy Guest

    Sad to say, bullying is no longer limited to schoolyards or street corners especially to this modern technology that all of us can access. :( We should always monitor our child's use of technology for at least we can protect them by tracking what they do online. This is so alarming though!

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