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Delayed Cord Clamping

Discussion in 'Labor and Birth' started by Christie, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    I'm almost finished with my second trimester, and I've been preparing for the big day. The pedia on board asked me if I want to do delayed cord clamping. I'm not sure what's the difference but from what I understand, they're just not going to clamp immediately.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I haven't heard about this so I am following on this topic. What is the advantage of delaying it?
  3. Peachkins

    Peachkins Member

    I requested for delayed cord clamping during delivery. Usually, what doctors do before is to cut the umbilical cord immediately after delivering the baby. Delayed cord clamping means they won't do that --- a few minutes after delivery, the umbilical cord is still pumping blood and nutrients into your baby and those are the life-saving type of blood and nutrients. Delaying for a few minutes will just mean they will get some extra dose of those life-saving stem cells. It is even more useful for premature babies as it can amp up the immunity they have. :D i figured, why not? it doesn't cost extra, and my OB said it has been her practice ever since.
  4. Amber Lee

    Amber Lee Member

    Oh, so it does have a purpose. If it promotes some life saving type of blood then I would probably choose it, but I don't remember my OBGYN offering me that. I wonder why but we never discussed that for the entire 9 months with my three boys.
  5. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    I don't remember being asked if I want this done as well. Maybe the hospital does it automatically already, or maybe they are not practicing it..
  6. Summer

    Summer Member

    I don't recall being asked about this too. Maybe the OBGYN is not practicing it, I don't know. But if this is an option, I think I would have agreed to do this with Autumn. :)
  7. MrHandy

    MrHandy Member

    In our case, only during our third pregnancy was this offered. The pediatrician (who catches the baby during the delivery she said) offered this to us. I think this is just new practice.

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