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Delivery Induction

Discussion in '3rd Trimester' started by Christie, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    My friend, who I met at a pregnancy support group, is already at 40 weeks and still not in labor. Her baby is well and healthy, but the doctors are asking her if she wants to do induced delivery. Do you think inducing childbirth is a good idea at this time?
  2. Summer

    Summer Member

    For me, it's already an option because the baby might poop inside and it will be dangerous for the mom and the baby. I think she needs to think fast and what's good for the baby.
  3. Rrrobert

    Rrrobert Member

    its quite a pickle. but going at it through the natural pace, in my opinion, is still the best way.
  4. Dilly's Mom

    Dilly's Mom Active Member

    I have friends who delivered on the 41st week mark. Common belief is that babies who are born later have better immune systems. However, you'd have to monitor the baby because I myself had to be induced after the 40th week because the sac has burst and I was already swimming with the poopies inside. :D
  5. Summer

    Summer Member

    Yeah, the poop is very alarming and if that happens the baby needs to take antibiotics and needs to be monitored. Some babies must be left at the hospital for a week for that.
  6. Peachkins

    Peachkins Member

    Oh dear, glad everything went well and here you are with a baby of your own. This didn't become a problem for me because I had contractions at the eve of the 39th week. :D I can imagine the trepidation though to be so near but not being in labor yet. Must be frustrating.
  7. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    Whenever the baby is ready, I guess. But like everyone said, it's better to have the baby delivered before pooping since both the baby and mommy will take antibiotics if the baby poops.
  8. Summer

    Summer Member

    Any news on your friend @Christie? I hope she's okay and the baby too. :) Please keep us updated with this.
  9. MrHandy

    MrHandy Member

    I think there are natural ways to induce labor. My wife was asked to walk around so much because she is 39 weeks and baby is not showing signs of letting go lol.
    They did these weird activities too. After 24 hours of what seems to me like tiring stuff, my youngest daughter was born :)

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