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Do you do your child's homework?

Discussion in 'Primary School Age' started by Leiah, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    I just want to ask. A neighbor of mine does all her children's homeworks and projects and most of it is she did by herself because her son is not creative or is a bit "slow" as she says.

    I thought in order to learn, the child should be encouraged to work on the homework and projects by himself or with little help..
  2. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    Because I don't do it completely. I just guide and help my kids, and if they finish most of it without me, I make sure to praise them for a job well done and check if anything needs to be corrected :)
  3. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    No I don't. I mean, I do help with my nephew and niece's homeworks since I take care of them, but not to the point that I do everything myself. They won't learn with that..
  4. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    If the child is slow on learning, that's where you guide them to be able to learn faster and help them do things on their own. They can't depend on you forever :p
  5. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    Sometimes, schools give ridiculous kinds of projects and homeworks that are way too much for the kids. That's when we do most of the work but we make sure our kid pays attention while we do it. But most of the time we let him do everything by himself and we just watch :D
  6. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    I don't think doing everything is good. My mom used to just guide us. Spoon-feeding is generally not a good way if done in excess.
  7. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    We just guide too. Sometimes we pretend to be busy and tell him what to do, but he has to be the one to do it.
  8. Work with the kids on every assignment. Be the home-teacher. The time spent on things like this (problem-solving) builds relationships.
  9. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    We should never do anything by ourselves. We are always the ones they turn to, but we should just guide them carefully and be there in case they have questions.
  10. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    I agree. How can theylearn if they just keep watching without experiencing how to do it by themselves?
    It's a recipe for disaster and failure at exams when you are not around.

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