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How fatherhood has changed me

Discussion in 'Dad Talk' started by MrHandy, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. MrHandy

    MrHandy Member

    This is just to provide perspective ladies. I'm in no way fit to represent all fathers out there. We come in different shapes and sizes after all.

    I just want to say that even if we men don't show much emotions, dads like me are very proud of having children. We like spending time with them as much as you moms do. And contrary to popular belief, we don't leave our wives with all the work.

    I used to work full time at a desk job and barely have time for the kids. I miss them a lot, taking my wife to dates and having fun family weekends. Luckily for me,my business allowed me to stay at home full time. Now we can have quality time together always :D
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  2. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    Hmm. You have a good point. I always wonder if my husband misses me and the kids when he is at work. Sometimes he has deadlines to meet that during the weekends, he's either too tired or too busy to go out with us.
  3. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    Thanks for sharing your story, @MrHandy! My husband is just like you. He doesn't show much emotion, especially when his buddies are around, but with us, he is so sweet and caring and very sentimental :)
  4. Rrrobert

    Rrrobert Member

    To be completely honest, I've changed too. Ever since my daughters came in my life, I've become more patient, understanding and thoughtful as well. Not to mention the adjustment with my sensistivity to emotions (mine and my family's). Being a Dad's super great - youre a super hero!
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  5. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    I remember being a daddy's girl. My mom nags a lot. Don't get me wrong, I love her hugs and kisses and desserts! But my dad gives me the coolest childhood adventures, even if it's just at the park near our house. Haha!
  6. MrHandy

    MrHandy Member

    Great to know that there are many dads out there who are embracing the family life. Time to change the misconceptions about us! ;)
  7. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    Yep! I am looking forward to more men owning up to their caring and emotional side, and I hope more and more dads embrace that family life like you said. :)
  8. Amber Lee

    Amber Lee Member

    I think all dads are not really showy of their feelings because they are "man". My husband is a little bit of both, showy and reserved. When he's at work, he calls me in the morning and in the afternoon to check on me and the boys and sometimes ask if I want any food so he can buy it on his way home. :)
  9. Rrrobert

    Rrrobert Member

    That's right @Christie and @MrHandy! My daughters are actually quite the spoiled ones, really. I just gush over them when they beg with their pretty little eyes - can't seem to say no. lol.
  10. MrHandy

    MrHandy Member

    Yeah, those eyes are something I still can't resist even now. My daughters just know how to use them to their advantage!
  11. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    Thank you Roy for sharing these wonderful thoughts with us. It is not every day that men share how they feel about family and parenting. :)
  12. Rrrobert

    Rrrobert Member

    haha they know how it hits the spot! @MrHandy
    Well @HappyMum, I've learned to rather embrace the daddy life. I guess it develops along with the arrival of my kids in my life.

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