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How To Check If Your Baby Is Latched On Properly

Discussion in 'General Breastfeeding' started by Love, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Love

    Love Guest

    Latching is very crucial as it helps your baby feed properly and reduces any discomfort you may experience. Getting your baby to latch on to your breast can take practice. But with support, patience and time, it should gradually become easier. Once your baby is latching on well, she will be able to feed happily and easily.
    Here are some signs to look out for to check if your baby latching correctly. :)
    • When you look down at your baby, you can see the pink of your baby’s lips. This means that baby’s lips are turned outward. This position will facilitate sucking.
    • There is no gap between your baby’s mouth and the areola (the circular area of pigmented skin around the nipple). This indicates that your baby has a mouthful of your breasts and is feeding.
    • If you pull your baby’s lip downward you will see that your baby’s tongue is between her lower gums and your breasts.
    • When your baby is sucking and swallowing, the muscles in front of her ears will slightly wiggle. This indicates a strong and efficient sucking that uses entire lower jaw.
    • Your baby is swallowing the milk and it is not leaking from the sides of the mouth.
    • These are some of the easiest signs you can try and spot, which will help you know if your baby has latched on correctly.

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