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Implantation Bleeding? Miscarriage? Period? Help!

Discussion in 'Am I pregnant?' started by rainbowmom6249, May 7, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone :)

    I am new, to well.. all of this. This is my partner's and I first time trying to conceive.

    We inseminated April 29th. It was after my ovulation and to be honest we hadn't expected to try this cycle because we were waiting on the okay from my doctor (which she gave on April 28th). My period is *technically* due tomorrow (May 8th). This past week has been interesting. Monday and Tuesday of last week I had very light cramping. So light that I almost didn't notice it. Tuesday and part of Wednesday my temperature rose.. my normal being between 97.3-97.6 and my temp for those two days being in the mid to upper 98's. Starting I think Thursday or Friday I started getting randomly nauseous. Definitely getting worse as time goes on.. not in intensity, just frequency. I haven't thrown up, just queasy and don't want to eat, OR I am a bottonless pit, there is no in between.

    Saturday around 5pm I started bleeding. I was super depressed because I figured my period had come early. I put a pad on and went back to work for the next few hours, no one ever catches on the first try anyway, right? When I got home and went to the bathroom, I noticed that I only had a few splotches on my pad and that they were a weird light red/pink color. I thought that was odd but went about my business. I was still really queasy so I was laying in bed wondering how I could be so queasy and it mean nothing when I decided to research spotting during pregnancy and came across implantation bleeding.

    I had every sign of it. No clotting, light color, the flow seemed to come and go, my breasts were tender (really tender!), my back hurt, nausea was obviously a factor, it was within the 6-12 days they say implantation bleeding occurs (today makes day 8), had mild cramping and the peeing.. omg.. I have gone SO much in the last day or so! For NO reason! It's like I take two sips, and pee out 8 oz. as a result.

    So, should be a win, right?? I've maintained a light flow for the last 24hrs. I have used a pad, and changed it every 4-6 hrs as I am a heavy bleeder during my period anyway and this is what I consider to be "light". It's actually stopped on me twice for a short period of time.. and it's also been heavier at other times. None of these symptoms add up to a normal period for me.

    However.. a few minutes ago I just passed a couple of small clots. Probably the size of a popcorn kernel if I had to measure it. I am so bummed, as I have read you're not supposed to pass blood clots during implantation bleeding. Does this mean that I miscarried? Can you even miscarry at such an early stage?? (This is still 8 days post insemination btw), or is it the WEIRDEST period EVER in the history of my history?!

    Any advice would be a godsend! x0x0x0

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