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In need of input

Discussion in 'Wanting to conceive' started by KBlack411, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. KBlack411

    KBlack411 New Member

    Hey guys. I've done hours of research and I'm still unsure what to do. I have pcos but had one previous healthy pregnancy with my now seven year old. My boyfriend and I have been unprotected sex multiple times a week for years and I had been tracking my cycle up until a couple of months ago, due to discouragement. That and my son happened when we least expected it. My periods have actually been somewhat regular. Normally maybe a day or two diffetencr, if any at all. I am now a week late, and my normal period symptoms aren't there. Usually my breasts are extremely sore starting a week before my period and then three or four days into it it starts to go away. Haven't had any of that. I've been hungry more so than usual but nothing seems appetizing. I'm lacking the energy I normally have and my moods just been off. Not as affectionate and upbeat. Had a lot of white gooey cm two days ago, and have been having cramping the last week and a half. I've gained five pounds in the last two weeks which I'm not binge eating or anything like that, I've actually been much more active the last six months than I have been in years. If I'm on my feet for hours I start feeling like I'm getting period cramps and I get really wet, sorry for all the TMI. I'll go to the bathroom and check and it's just clear and wet. My cervix is high closed and super soft. I almost can't even feel the opening. I don't want to get my hopes up, I took a test and it was negative. I guess I'm just looking for input. I'm praying I am. I didn't know I was pregnant with my son until I was almost four months because I had zero symptoms and at that time in my life I was extremely irregular. After I had him it was like hitting the reset button and suddenly I was regular. I have psyched myself out in the past but this just feels different. I hadn't been worried about it for a few months and I realized two days ago I'm late and I'm really tired. If you read this, thank you.
  2. Raine Fox

    Raine Fox Guest

    I would wait a couple more days and take another test! Sometimes they won't test positive until after your expected period (which if you're normally a day or two late may take another day). Early symptoms are different for many. My breasts were so tender after my baby was conceived but are never tender during normal cycles.

    Let me know! I have a friend that tried to get pregnant for years and she went to the chiropractor, got her body realigned, and got pregnant two months later. That may help you if you're still struggling. And having sex every three days ups the likeliness of pregnancy on your boyfriend's part.

    Raine @ Brattymomster.com
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  3. KBlack411

    KBlack411 New Member

    I'll do that! I was reading up a lot, many women said they didn't get a positive result until they were at least five weeks. I think I might just wait two more weeks just to make sure there is no mistake. It's strange I've been cramps all week today not so much, but no sign of aunt flow lol. I just needed to know I wasn't crazy for thinking this could actually be a possibility. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply!!
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  4. Raine Fox

    Raine Fox Guest

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