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Just not sure....

Discussion in 'Am I pregnant?' started by MelMom1212, May 5, 2017.

  1. MelMom1212

    MelMom1212 New Member

    Ok so for starters I have always had very irregular periods. It seems like right after my last period (maybe a day or two) I started noticing that my breasts were feeling a bit sore and swollen...since then they have only gotten bigger and more tender and a few days ago I discovered I could squeeze them and express liquid...i didn't experience this with my first pregnancy until after my son was born. I have also had slight nausea (no vomiting), light cramping, fatigue, food cravings and aversions, higher body temp, and trouble sleeping. I have had two negative hpt's and yesterday I started bleeding...it was pretty light at first but today is heavier and red with some clots...i am driving myself crazy doing research about my symptoms! I have no idea when I should miss my period because it never starts on the same day, I've never been on birth control or any kind if hormones...am I pregnant? Did I have a miscarriage? Is it just my period playing tricks? When should I test again? I'm so confused! HELP!

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