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Kids in Strollers

Discussion in 'Primary School Age' started by LizB, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. LizB

    LizB Member

    My sister was telling me earlier that when she was in the mall today, she saw a number of kids (who looked like they were 5 and above) who were still being ferried around in strollers. She said she even saw one who looked as if he was 8 years old already.

    I told her we can't judge the parent's choice to use a stroller, there might be a reason why their child needs the stroller. But I also can't help but remember that it is really becoming a thing. I remember that by age 4, we were walking around without strollers, and just the occasional "carry" with our dad. The rule was, if we don't want to walk, then we will go home. I guess times have changed. Some of the parents may have a medical reason to use strollers for their kids. But there's too many of them nowadays. I just can't believe that ALL of them have valid reasons for ferrying their kids on wheels, even if they are big enough. I think it's just becoming a trend, and I am worried we might be raising a lazy generation. But that's just me. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. :D
  2. I noticed that too. They use this foldable strollers for their kids but I haven't seen an 8 year old in a stroller. That's weird for me.
  3. Peachkins

    Peachkins Member

    A little too weird. Maybe the 8 year old has an issue with health, that is true. But I see a lot of kids big enough to walk being pushed in strollers too, and I think that's just too indulgent. I don't understand it either/
  4. Yes, we cannot judge quickly - or did I just do that? Sorry. But in general, in case they are capable and healthy, I don't know their reason for not letting the kids walk. It's healthy and fun.
  5. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    We can all just wonder why sometimes, but it is sort of disturbing especially when you know that more and more kids are getting obese even at very young ages. They need to walk! :p
  6. Very true! With the food readily available with lots of calories and fats, walking is by far the simplest form of exercise. Kids need to be disciplined and also watch what they eat because obesity is serious and may cause a lot of health problems.
  7. Summer

    Summer Member

    Yes, I saw a few kids in a stroller with ages between 4-7 years old. I actually was puzzled why they were in a stroller when in fact they really look healthy and all. Is this in nowadays?
  8. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    This is becoming more and more of a trend. Many parents are not aware that their kids need to be really active while growing up because when they get older this inactivity may cause problems for them. I see a lot of overweight kids nowadays. I like them chubby but not too fat. It's unhealthy.
  9. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    We are raising a lazy generation. It's pretty clear how it went for the past decade or more. Research has proven that lifestyle choices of the parents affects their kids, and not encouraging physical activity does take its toll on the younger generation.
  10. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    I have a friend like that. I always ask him why their kid is still in a stroller and he's almost 6 years old. He said that he would throw tantrums and scream real bad when he doesn't want to walk anymore so to save them the trouble, they always bring the stroller. :(
  11. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    But if they keep this up, won't that be bad for the child? Not being able to control your child's tantrums can affect his personality in the future :(
  12. Summer

    Summer Member

    That's what I'm thinking also. They need to discipline and teach the toddler the rigjt manner when outside of home. Spoiled brat are treated like the way they treat their child.
  13. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    I have the same opinion too @Summer. Even if we just want the easy way to just give them what they want, it is our job as parents to be firm and make rules.
  14. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    It's easier to correct a spoiled brat's attitude early on instead of doing it later because once the child has been used to getting what he or she wants, there is almost no turning back the easy way.

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