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PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Discussion in 'Fertility issues' started by pocketfullofsunshine, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Anyone here diagnosed with PCOS but was able to conceive? I remember when I was in my early 20's, I was diagnosed with PCOS because I have irregular menstruation and the OBGYN said that in order to normalize my period, I have to take some medicines. I remember taking Metformin and contraceptive medicines to regulate my period. I got pregnant after about 5-6 years when I was diagnosed with it. They said that whe you already gave birth, your cycle will be normal, but mine still has skipped month of no period.

    Can you share your stories if you also experienced this? They said you will have a hard time getting pregnant when you have PCOS.
  2. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    My best friend has PCOS, and early on her ObGYN had her take pills, and advised her to get pregnant (she was newly married the time she was diagnosed) to avoid complications.

    She is now the mom of three bouncing kids, with no complications during pregnancy, but she was really careful and had herself closely monitored by the doc.

    Not everyone is the same though so you may want to get pro advice ;)
  3. I do have a similar diagnosis when I was younger, it was weird that when you were expecting your period to happen every month and it didn't there was some sort of panic. (I don't have any idea about the birds and bees then) I thought I was pregnant! Anyway, there was once a full year I didn't get my period and the thing that they are saying about having a normal period after giving birth? Didn't happen to me as well.
  4. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    Everyone has different bodily processes, which is why we have to listen well to our health care providers regarding these situations. I know a lot of women who had PCOS, some have resolved after childbirth, some remain irregular with their periods, and while some had difficulty in conceiving, many have had success with getting pregnant too.

    It is quite alarming though for young girls to not have their period just like you did when you were young and unaware :)

    It depends on your body. Some ladies have it easy even with PCOS, some don't. That might be why you still didn't get regular periods after pregnancy.
  5. Is PCOS inherited? I remember my sister has the same case and she was taking pills as well to regulate her period. I am not sure though if she continues to take them now.

    For the duration I had my first born until my second, this is the first stop I did not take pills to regulate my period as I am breastfeeding my baby. I had one instance (after giving birth) and missed a period.
  6. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    I started seeing an OB GYN since I became an aware of my body and with the constant egging of my mom. My mom had irregular periods and she mentioned that it took her and my dad 5 years before I came in the picture. Back then, there were no mention of PCOS but her period remained irregular. I am lucky to have a normal period based on calendar days which is also an effective birth control method.
  7. I do not think PCOS could be inherited or if there is a direct genetic link regarding this trait discovered. It just happens that most mother and daughters share some sort of similarities with their condition. The good thing is there are treatments, meaning it could be improved and there is still a possibility of having children.
  8. Wow, that's good to know because I was scared my daughter would have the same situation when she grows up. Yeah, it's good there are treatments for these kinds of condition. It really pays to get regular visit to the doctor to check our health.
  9. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

  10. I believe it was back in 2008 when I learned I have PCOS. I went to my OBGYN because I didn't had my period for 3 months yet I am not pregnant. Did some tests, saw some cysts and got me to drink meds to regulate my period.
  11. It was great that despite that you were still able to have a child. It's amazing what God has in store for us. In his perfect time.
  12. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    I know there are a lot who suffer this, I even watch this reality show where a girl is overweight because she has PCOS. Weird what it does to our bodies.
  13. Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago Member

    I have a close friend. She was diagnosed with PCOS when we were in college. She was chubby and her doctor even advised her to lose weight. Then gave her some pills to regulize her period. Now, she has one daughter. Looking back, I remember her crying to me and saying she will never be a mother because of PCOS. But seeing her now with her daughter makes me so happy.
  14. Miracles do come true and we should really be happy to have them.
  15. Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago Member

    Indeed they are. And just to add, she never did lose weight. She tried, but she had difficulties. They named their daughter, Mireille, which is "miracle" in French. We were all so emotional when she gave birth it was very beautiful.
  16. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    That is such an inspiring story! I think what we could take away from this is that we should never give up on ourselves because we are always capable and we have a giving God. :)
  17. Solange Diaz

    Solange Diaz Active Member

    This is a beautiful story! it was indeed a miracle. With the advent of new medicine, we have better chances of having this miracle too :D
  18. Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago Member

    Yeah. Nothing really is impossible with God. That's why I really believe in what prayers can do. I know her daughter can overcome any obstacle she may encounter as she journeys on, after all she herself is a miracle.
  19. Let's just hope that everything gets better soon. Maybe this is part of what would make the journey beautiful and there are those at times, we should just not give up.

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