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Discussion in 'Am I pregnant?' started by Melanie, May 6, 2017.

  1. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Hello! New here and freaking out right now so need some advice!!

    General info:

    I'm married, age 30, last first day of period was April 6th, ovulation 26th. AF due Wed May 10th.

    We had sex on Sunday 23rd, unprotected (I came off the pill in october because I didnt like how it made me feel and since been using pull out and tracking my fertility) usually I am good at tracking fertility and making sure we dont when I am. However that weekend our friend had passed away so my brain was a bit of a mess and I wasnt thinking. In the middle, he did a bit of what is meant to happen at the end, in the middle. So immediately after I looked at my tracker and realised I was fertile! CRAP! We were planning on trying next year anyway so its okay if we are just a bit sooner than expected.

    Then the following few days I had AWFUL back pains. Not sure what that was, I do usually get them PMS but not that bad. Then this past week I have been feeling very nauseous and ive been feeling twinges in my uterus area. I was planning on taking a test tomorrow anyway just coz of how i'm feeling but still thinking maybe its just in my head.

    However, today I thought I was getting my period, very mild cramps and then I got some blood so I thought this is it!! However, usually my period is exactly on time (should be wednesday) and is usually quite heavy and gushing immediately. But this is very light little bits of pink blood and has been barely anything for the past 6 hours. Is this implantation bleeding???

    I'm not with my husband right now and want to be with him when I do a test so think i'm gonna do one in the morning but I'm going crazy right now!! Am I making this up in my head or could this be real?

    Thank you in advance!!
  2. Well, I am no expert because I am in a very similar situation (confusing periods with implantation bleeding), and in my (very limited experience), this sounds pretty much what I am going through o_O Don't know if that is good or bad for either of us though as I just passed a couple small clots and now am worried something bad happened :/
  3. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    So have you also had all the symptoms?

    This morning I took two tests both BFN, and it's been a bit like my period today although it's tapered off very quickly and usually I get it on the exact day.

    Is your period due? Have you done a test yet?

    I'm so confused! I still feel nauseous which I never do so I'm wondering if I should do another test in a week
  4. Yes, I've had all of those symptoms. I took two tests over the last week, both negative, but I read that you need at least 10 days post conception to get a positive read (today makes only 9).

    I was talking to another pregnant friend about implantation bleeding, and she had hers for a week a normal period, and was throwing up so bad she ended up in the hospital o_O She's due at the end of August.

    Another friend of mine said hers only lasted a day.. so I'm getting the impression there's a pretty big spectrum of symptoms. I'm hoping that I'm pregnant and the few tiny clots I passed aren't anything to be concerned with. Have you had any clots?
  5. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    I think I have, yesterday I used tampons and just before I did the test when I sat on the toilet a lot was coming out so then I just thought it was period. But this is so different to a normal period for me. It started with very light pink spots which I never usually get and then went brown and yesterday was quite red but this morning is back to pink spots. It's also 4 days before I'm due which never happens. I'm 14 days post conception so I thought a test would be right but now I'm not sure, it's so confusing!!!
  6. It has been mildly heavy for me this morning, I'm debating using a tampon because I have to go to work, but also want to see if it slows back down. Last night it did after the tiny clots, but I woke up to it happening this morning.. seems to have stopped that part at least.

    I'm with you, this started 3 days before my period was due which is rare, started out pink and stayed very light until last night, it's been on and off red since. I'm going to call my doctor's office and see what the nurse says - I'm just as confused as you!
  7. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    It seems like we are in very similar situations! Let me know how u get on with the doctor, I'm gonna see what happens over the next few days and if it still doesn't seem like a period I'll do another test maybe next weekend. My mother in law is staying with us this week and she's gonna find it so weird if I don't drink but I'm really paranoid now!!
  8. The nurse said that really it could go one way or the other for me. It could definitely be implantation bleeding, or I could've lost the egg and it could be my period. The only thing to do really is to wait and see what happens. She suggested I take another pregnancy test next week. :)
  9. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Probably the same for me then, thank you for letting me know! Definitely keep me updated, it's nice knowing someone else is in the same situation
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  10. It really is nice knowing someone else is going through this too. I will definitely keep you updated - you do the same!

    Oh, she said not to worry about small clotting too :)
  11. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Oh good! Yes I definitely will, fingers crossed for both of us :)
  12. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    I'm getting no blood now!! And peed so much more than usual! This is driving me crazy!
  13. Lucky! Mine's still fairly heavy, but will slow down and then pick back up. Blood is bright bright red, and still only occasionally passing tiny clots.

    It's soo frustrating isn't it?! Glad yours stopped (and hopefully for good for now!)
  14. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Have u been trying to get pregnant? I haven't and my husband is kind of freaking out but I'm secretly excited - I've been so maternal lately!!
  15. Yes, there's not really any 'accidents' between my wife and I . We have to plan ahead ;)

    Mine has since slowed down - there was barely any blood on the toilet paper! Ahhh!

    My wife and I are super excited, I'm almost 30 so I'm hoping to get this done while I'm still young enough - just in case we decide we want more than one.
  16. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Oh that's awesome!! Omg I so hope it is for you then!!!

    Mine is brown like end of period now! Arghhh I might take another test on wed which was meant to be my period date
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  17. I haven't looked since my last report but it was back to the light pink then so I am hoping mine's on it's way too being over :)

    Thank you, I really hope you're pregnant too - even if it took you by surprise!

    Are you in the US?
  18. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    I hope so too! Mother in law is already seeming skeptics about men not drinking!! Argh!

    Yes I am, I'm originally from England but been here 5 years now and married an American. U??
  19. Oh no... I believe they say you can have something like 1 glass of wine per day if you're pregnant, maybe that'll throw her off your trail??

    Yes, I'm in the US, Midwest region to be specific :)

    I've had this MASSIVE headache all afternoon that Tylenol isn't helping and I'm starting to get a little nausea from it o_O Took a nap because I was exhausted and now I'm more miserable than before, ugh. I wonder if it's caffeine related?
  20. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Have u stopped drinking caffeine?? Headaches are also a sign of pregnancy!! So is nausea! When are u gonna do a test?

    Yeah maybe I'll do one glass! I'm pretending I feel a bit sick tonight and saying that's why!

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