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Discussion in 'Am I pregnant?' started by Melanie, May 6, 2017.

  1. Yeah, I usually use first response but the dollar ones should do. I've also been taking a prenatal vitamin.
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  2. @Sarah R Jordan how long have you been taking the prenatal? They can make your nauseous if you're not used to them.
  3. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Did a blue line one and a pink line first response one - both negative. Think I should try again in the morning? Or maybe wait a few more days?
  4. @Melanie I'd wait a few days. Don't get discouraged yet :)
  5. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    I think I'll try again on Saturday :) thank you :p
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  6. I might test Saturday too :)
  7. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Yay let's do it together!
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  8. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    I feel really bummed out now :(
  9. I have been taking prenatals for almost a month now. You're in my prayers Melanie! Sending baby dust to you! You may just have low hCG, wait a few days and then try again! Do not give up hope!
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  10. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    I haven't been taking prenatals because I haven't been trying to get pregnant!!!

    Thank you sarah!!
  11. Guys! I think my bleeding might be stopping!

    Baby dust to everyone! *Tosses out handfuls and sprinkles it everywhere*
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  12. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    Yay!!! Haha yay for baby dust!! I'm sending some too!

    Feeling nauseous again, I can't tell if it's just in my head or nerves or what!! Argh!
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  13. I was nauseous a bunch towards the end of last week. I thought maybe it was the prenatals so I stopped taking them and it made the nausea worse. I started taking them again on Monday and only had a little nausea yesterday and nothing today! I'm sure it'll come back around 3-5 weeks though.. that's what they say online anyway o_O
  14. My nausea acid reflux hits the hardest at about 5am-6am but I have it throughout the day. I'm just freaking out because im bleeding light but its heavier than what you'd expect from implantation, I'm having small stringy clots but I'm not having any pains, but I have a slight pulling in my side and abdomen but its not painful at all. The only time I see blood is when I sit down on the toilet and some runs out. Like I said I usually have super heavy periods at the very beginning and i usually don't suffer PMS pains or symptoms so that was weird for me. I've never had acid reflux like this before...I also have pcos, but I'm fertile so I don't know if that's effecting my implantation bleeding.
  15. My implantation bleeding heavier than what you'd expect, but that doesn't mean much because it's different for everyone. :) You're just going to have to wait and see darling, I know it sucks.

    On a happier note.. do you have names picked out?
  16. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    That sounds very similar to what I've had sarah. My only other symptoms are the nausea, light headed, and I also have like a pinching/pulling feeling in my uterus area - does anyone else get that?

    I've just been to toilet and I got more very brown watery spotting!! I never get that after period - what the hell is that?!!! This is driving me crazy
  17. I've had that a few times too, but haven't thought much of it. Probably the girly bits celebrating they finally have a purpose lol.

    Oh no! Maybe it's a "last hooray" thing??

    Mine is finally brown and I stopped wearing a pad and put on just a liner :) Hopefully it STAYS GONE.
  18. I'm just ready to have the blood end and be able to test and get everything figured out...hoping for magic baby dust!
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  19. Also I know that this sounds weird but I'm not even wearing a panty liner or anything! Nothing comes out unless I wipe or sit down on the toilet
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  20. Melanie

    Melanie Member

    That's definitely very light then so I wouldn't worry!

    I'm going to be going insane until Saturday - it seems so far away. How long after your period was due do you keep hoping?! A week??
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