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Scared....fights with husband

Discussion in '2nd Trimester' started by Stacy, May 8, 2017.

  1. Stacy

    Stacy New Member

    I'm new to this blog/forum, and posted a conversation but now I can see I can make a thread....
    I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my little boy, and I keep having these awful fights with my husband..he has a very bad medical condition where its affecting his mental health, making him feel suicidal and take things out on me and blame me for his faults....its getting really bad and he has no care for me being pregnant....he keeps doing it and sometimes i can stay quiet and let it go, but sometimes i cant take it and ill scream back, or i just cry and cry and i cant stop.....i didnt eat tonight for dinner, i have a doctors appointment at 9am and its 5:30 am, no sleep....hes so hurtful to me emotionally and im just so scared that this will hurt my baby or give me complications in my own health....
    do any of you go through this where you fight with your husband and you're pregnant? Im so scared i don't want to hurt my little angel in any way :**(

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