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Serious hunger pangs

Discussion in '1st Trimester' started by Lorelei, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Lorelei

    Lorelei New Member

    This is my 3rd pregnancy but it's been about 11 years since my last one so I'm a little out of practice. I'm barely at my 4 weeks but I've been having serious stomach/hunger pangs as if I'm starving even after having just eaten. Now I'm experiencing these stomach pains/hunger pangs at odd hours of the day (4:00 am). Should I be concerned that I'm not providing enough food or nutrients to my baby? I don't remember having this issue with either of my other 2 children
  2. RoNa

    RoNa Administrator

    Tell me about it! When I was pregnant I was always hungry, to the point that if I don't eat I have terrible hunger pains! Never experienced this in the first trimester. I was worried about gaining to much weight but clearly I can't just ignore it. Even "small snacks" didn't help. I had to eat small meals to curb it at all. If this keeps you worried, you may contact your doctor and talk to her about it.
  3. Joy

    Joy New Member

    They say that the growth of the baby in your stomach can be the reason of hunger pangs.
  4. RoNa

    RoNa Administrator

    That is also true. I gained 20 kilos during pregnancy. My baby weighed 7.8 lbs.
  5. Love

    Love New Member

    Correct, ravenous hunger is due to your baby growing and demanding more nourishment! I have read an article that says a pregnant hunger pangs may be your body's way of playing catch-up. So eat up and catch up — but also be sensible. Yes, you're eating for two — but one of you is a lot smaller than you. (So if you've started eating "one for me, one for baby" of everything in sight, it's time for a little portion reapportioning.) And keep in mind the general consensus on caloric intake during pregnancy. Most moms need only about 350 more calories per day in the second trimester and about 500 more daily calories toward the end of pregnancy.

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