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Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye ConcentratE

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Princess, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    Hi guys! I just have to share this product with you :)

    I used Shiseido's Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate and after a week of using it, I saw visible results, my lines at the eye bag area are less deep than before :)
  2. Dilly's Mom

    Dilly's Mom Active Member

    Oh my gosh! What a coincidence! I was actually eyeing this product for a month now! I got a sample and it worked great, so I am now saving up for a whole bottle. :D
  3. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    I think it's a new product @Dilly's Mom, sadly I didn't get to request a sample because their sample stocks are all gone :p I ended up buying the bottle instead.
  4. LizB

    LizB Member

    Now I wish more than ever I could go out and buy some. I just don't have enough reason to buy makeup and beauty stuff since I am stuck in bed anyways :( Counting down the days until I can shop again! In a mall! Not online.
  5. Solange Diaz

    Solange Diaz Active Member

    Hey, this sounds good. I read a review online and there are a lot of raves about it. It sure isn't cheap though. Hope to score a sample just to see if it works for me too. :D
  6. Peachkins

    Peachkins Member

    Is it expensive? It sounds Japanese, so it probably needs to be exported. It sounds divine though.
  7. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    Haha online shopping isn't so bad, when I get too lazy I do online shopping a lot. But I guess I get your point. It's always fun to stroll around the mall and see all that's for sale :D
  8. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    It's not that pricey, and it works really well too :D
  9. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    Hmm. I should try this one. I need something for the eye area since I've been staying up late recently:p
  10. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    I haven't tried this before. Thanks for sharing your experiences :D
  11. Peachkins

    Peachkins Member

    I hinted at my husband that I am curious about this product and he bought it for me as a gift for Christmas. Hurray! :)
  12. LizB

    LizB Member

    Hurray for hubbies that pay attention! :) Let us know how it works :)
  13. Dilly's Mom

    Dilly's Mom Active Member

    Maybe i should have told my husband I was curioud about the new Macbook Pro. Would have been a treat! HAHA
  14. Very good news! It seems their products works well.
  15. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    Smart move. Giving hints always work, it seems

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