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Spotting for a week, Deminished breast soreness, had miscarriage before

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Chat' started by Maui23, May 7, 2017.

  1. Maui23

    Maui23 New Member

    Hi Maternity Forum,

    Im seeking help from you guys. just recently i found out that i am pregnant. which im estatic about it. but something is not right i had been having light bleeding or spotting for 8 days now and my breast soreness is diminishing. I recently had a miscarriage last three years ago and that was already 3 months old. Im really worried that I might be experiencing another miscarriage.

    I already talked to my OB last week and had laboratory tests and Transvaginal ultrasound already, the result of the ultrasound was: my baby is already 5 weeks and 5 days but no visible yolk yet and heart beat. the doctor prescribed medications that could help the baby survive because she said its a threatened abortion. im so worried because its been almost a week since my medications but the spotting wont stop. im in bed rest for 2 weeks and they will repeat the ultrasound by 3rd week of May. im worried that maybe this is a sign of a miscarriage.

    please help. can someone shed a light on my situation. I will gladly appreciate all the help. thank you mommies and soon to be mommies.

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