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Too tired all the time

Discussion in '2nd Trimester' started by Honeylette, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Summer

    Summer Member

    Me too! I have all the blanket with me at night. I give my husband his own blanket so he will not get mine. Hahaha. I am actually wanting to gain a few pounds since I am petite and would want to have a bit of fats. :)
  2. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    Lucky those who are cold instead of perspiring the whole night. I would love to get cold than perspire. Haha. It's way better to sleep with blanket and socks on too. :)
  3. Amber Lee

    Amber Lee Member

    Yes, this is nicer than feeling sticky and hot. Right now that it's cold, it's nice to cover with blanket while drnking coffee. In @Honeylette's case, you should be cold by this time. It's so cold duringidnight.
  4. I think it's part of being pregnant, because your body is giving its nutrients to the baby, so it feels like you don't have the energy most of the time. There's no need to worry, just make sure you get appropriate nutrition.
  5. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    Yes it is so cold and it's so nice to sleep... but when you're pregnant and you can't sleep because baby is very active inside, you can't enjoy these times. :(
  6. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    I think feeling warm also has its perks. You know, you could withstand the terrible cold weather we're having. But I am not sure I would want to perspire all the time, though. I know it's not helping. Maybe you could try taking a bath with some warm water to balance out your temperature. That's what people do most of the time, have the same temperature clash. I forgot the term, for example, I drink cold water when it's cold, it sorta makes my body ready for the cold. :D
  7. Feeling warm during the summer is a double whammy! You are so tired, seriously pregnant, always feeling humid and weak, makes it sound that pregnancy is hard work. Well, it is in a way, but it comes with perks so we should also be thankful about that.

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