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Discussion in '3rd Trimester' started by Leiah, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    I previously had a cesarean section, and I'm wondering if I can go for normal delivery this time. I'm really hoping that I can go for VBAC this time.

    What can I do that can increase my chances of having VBAC? Is there even something I could do or is it all up to chance? I know a repeat cesarean section is most definite, but I was just hoping that certain things would make VBAC more possible.
  2. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    With my second baby, I planned a VBAC. I qualified with the requirements: 2 years gap, no complications, baby must be in position, and other requirements for normal delivery. I was so ready, I watched what I eat, rest, exercise and no complications. And when the delivery day arrived, my cervix would not progress, baby was not dropping down, because he was cordcoil four times.

    So I guess, you can plan with your doctor as long as you qualify, however you also have to understand the circumstances that may be out of plan. I hope you can experience VBAC as I didn't had the chance.
  3. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    I am sorry, this might not actually be helping but I am curious what VBAC means? I am used to seeing NSD or Normal Spontaneous Delivery but not VBAC.
  4. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    It's no problem, I just recently learned about this from my OB. It's vaginal birth after cesarean section :)
  5. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    I see. So you can really prepare for it but it still is up to the situation during labor. My OB just brushed the topic and I didn't really think of this at the time.
    Thanks for sharing your experience! :)
  6. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    Try asking your OB again on how you can qualify for VBAC, and ask for explanation as well. I guess it is very important that your doctor explain that to you since you want to do that. Are you 100% sure that you want VBAC? Then tell your doctor about it. I always wanted VBAC but was sad because I didn't experienced it after all the preparation I did, so I just hope you can experience it. Let me know how it goes. :)
  7. Solange Diaz

    Solange Diaz Active Member

    I plan on a VBAC if ever I have a 2nd child but I was told my chances are slim.since I am overweight and diabetic. I guess if you are healthy and have enough time lapsed, you should give it a try :)
  8. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    I had VBAC on my second pregnancy. Like @MommyofTwo, I met all the requirements needed and my OB made sure I was monitored well. Come delivery day, everything went well. I found that it was much easier to recover from VBAC than from when I had CS.
  9. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    Wow! I am so happy for you that you had a successful VBAC! Gosh, it is really easier to recover from it as compared to another CS delivery, though with second CS it is much easier to deal with the stitches and pain than the first one since your body has experienced the pain before.
  10. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    If you had a second CS, do they cut up your previous wound to prevent new scars?
  11. Ughh! I think that many who have undergone the C-section still hopes to give the natural way. It could be a little difficult and might entail a lot of preparation because mostly the reason why the C-section happened is because of complications or health problems. I suggest that even if you want this so bad, still be ready to go through the C-section and accept that you are doing it for the benefit of your child.
  12. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    yes, it is easier for them to just follow the previous wound. Plus you get only one line instead of multiple cut lines. I wouldn't like that. :p
  13. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    My OB is telling me that I might be a candidate for CS for this pregnancy, but I've always wanted a normal delivery. I hope I can qualify for VBAC after this if I do go through CS as she said.
  14. Did your OB tell you the reason why you are a candidate for CS? Maybe you could still do something about it, like if your baby is too big then a little diet could go a long way?
  15. It could be that she had CS on her first born. Most OB do not suggest VBAC unless the patient opens up her intentions for VBAC. Maybe the history of the pregnant mom is their basis for declaring that she is a candidate for CS again.
  16. Possibly. But I think a VBAC is one of the options everyone is looking forward to, what needs to happen is for her to assess her previous situation (why you had CS in the first place). If you were able to prevent that situation from happening again then, there is a possibility for a VBAC.
  17. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    This is true. If you have a history of gestational diabetes or diabetes itself, hypertension or any condition that will trigger and might get in the way for normal delivery especially for the pushing stage, then your chances of having VBAC is very low.
  18. Summer

    Summer Member

    I have a friend who gave birth Caesarian because her baby is so big and cord coil. Her doctor said that if she decides to have a baby again, she can consider having VBAC since there were no complications with her pregnancy, the baby was just too big and cord coil.
  19. Solange Diaz

    Solange Diaz Active Member

    Just came back from a wellness check up with my OB, and she told me precisely this. VBAC for me is highly unlikely now.
  20. Dilly's Mom

    Dilly's Mom Active Member

    I'm sorry to hear that Solange. But I guess whatever is safest for the baby is the priority and a CS isn't that bad. I know that Moms have their choices, but I have always considered it moot point (just my opinion, of course). One way of delivery is not better than the other. Whichever way is best for baby is the best delivery. That's what I wrote up in my delivery plan to give to my doctor. I wrote in ALL CAPs, " WHATEVER GETS HIM OUT SAFELY." :D
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