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Vegetarian and pregnant?

Discussion in '1st Trimester' started by JennyCannes, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    One of my friends just found out that she's pregnant, but she's worried because she's vegetarian and that she might have to change her diet because she is expecting.

    What do you think? Do you know any vegetarian moms out there?
  2. Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago Member

    She doesn't have to change in a major way. She can still stay vegetarian. I've met moms who stick with their vegetarian ways even when they were pregnant. But it must be carefully planned.
  3. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    I think that is actually good. There are different diet types, is your friend just vegetarian, or bordering vegan? If she's lacto-ovo, then she could get appropriate protein from eggs and milk, pescatarians still get to eat fishes. If she's vegan, there are mushrooms, beans and other things that could provide nourishment for her baby.
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  4. Leiah

    Leiah Active Member

    I have a co-worker who is vegetarian and she gave birth to a bouncing 10-pound baby girl! I think it all lies to proper nutrition and consulting your OB on how you can work around it.
  5. Solange Diaz

    Solange Diaz Active Member

    When i was pregnant, my OB actually.advises that I should.consider earing mostly veggies. :) Im sure your friend can find other sources of protein t keep baby healthy inside
  6. HappyMum

    HappyMum Active Member

    Vegetarians usually lack proteins and a bit of calcium in their diet, but there are many sources of these in plant-based foods such as

    bean curds
    green peas
    nuts and nut butters
    chia seeds
    cocoa powder
    non-dairy milk

    You just got to be creative ;)
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  7. Dilly's Mom

    Dilly's Mom Active Member

    As long as she does not neglect her protein intake, it shouldnt be a problem. HappyMum gave excellent choices above :)
  8. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    Wow thank you! I'll go and show her this list and your advices, she'll be very happy to know that she doesn't have to change her diet too much.:D
  9. I love nut butter! There are loads of options now for vegetarians, there are also vegetable based meat she could opt to take which mostly contains tofu anyway. I would've been a vegetarian but I can't resist a steak. I could let go of other meats but steak pulls me back.
  10. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    I have seen in a viral facebook post recently about a vegetable-based meat product that is being developed. This one is different from the ones already in the market because they say it tastes as good as real beef and meat, and looks and smells like the stuff too :D
  11. JennyCannes

    JennyCannes Active Member

    I saw that too! They ones who tasted the meat in the video said that they wouldn't believe it is not meat. But I can't find the video anymore. Would be nice to show you guys here :)
  12. Summer

    Summer Member

    Hello, my best friend is also a vegetarian and her doctor said it's okay to maintain her diet as long as she does not skip her meals and snacks in the middle of the day. Munching from time to time is the key so she won't get hungry with her growing belly.

    On the other hand, I cannot live without meat on my meal. I just love meat all my life. :)
  13. Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago Member

    Me either. I love meat. But my OB did advise me to increase my vegetable intake. So when I cook, it's usually a mixture of meat and veggies.
  14. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    I love meat too, but my OB advised me to take "clean and lean" meat only. She meant no fatty cuts, no cured hams or peserved canned meat, and no bacon :( :( :(

    But of course I understood her and followed her advice. Haha. I heard that vegetarian moms carry through pregnancy well so I don't think she would have problems if she followed her Ob well :)
  15. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    I can't inagine life without bacon and ham! :D
    But yes, even non-pregnant women and men should not really eat then, or try to avoid them as much as possible because those have the highest amounts of preservatives and chemicals that "cure" meat to make then last a long time. We should all avoid takibg in those chemicals.
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  16. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    My OB gave me that advice too. Cured meat contains so many different chemicals made to preserve the meat. She said that it's okay for non-pregnant women to rarely eat it, but for pregnant women it must be avoided at all costs, same for young children who by happens to love those kinds of meat lol
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  17. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    Kids do love those kinds of meat @Princess. Hotdogs, sausages, commercially made nuggets and burger patties, ham and marinated bacon.. They all taste so good but we all should avoid them..
  18. Amber Lee

    Amber Lee Member

    I tried to be a vegetarian when I was pregnant with my second boy, because my best friend said I will have an easy pregnancy. I did, I actually did... For only 3 days. Hahaha. I could get sick if I don't eat a tiny meat and see a tiny neat on my plate. I am never the vegetarian type.
  19. Me too. Never a vegetarian person. I love veggies but I always like to mix it with meat. I can eat veggies only but not too long. I think it will make me sick too. Haha.
  20. I think you just have to strike a balance between veggies and meat. You still need a fair amount of vitamins and proteins from different sources, but the idea is for you to know what type is best. For example, go for chicken meat instead of beef or chicken.

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