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What's your favorite hobby?

Discussion in 'Empty Nest' started by MrHandy, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. MrHandy

    MrHandy Member

    I'm far from retiring, but I am thinking that I should develop some of my hobbies so that when the time comes that I need to retire, I won't have problems thinking of what hobby to do :p

    I love gardening, but as a hobby, I like building furniture. I try to design them and find all the materials I need to make it :) What about you?
  2. Princess

    Princess Active Member

    I love doing crafts. I make handmade decor, trinkets, accessories, and DIY some of my clothes as well. I think I'll do that until I grow old haha! :)
  3. Peachkins

    Peachkins Member

    I paint and sometimes sell it for a small profit. I daydream that when I retire, I will be living in a seaside villa and just paint all day.
  4. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    I like watching movies. Those mushy, romantic comedy movies. I guess when I grow old and when my kids are gone with their own family, I will be able to develop other hobby that I can enjoy with my husband.
  5. Amber Lee

    Amber Lee Member

    I love reading novels and I guess this is what I'll be doing when I get older. :)
  6. I love watching movies too. I am into action movies lately and those that of Brad Pitt. Haha.
  7. LizB

    LizB Member

    I'm a bookworm, so I am a champion reader. I write too, so yeah, I'm hoping to be the next JK Rowling by the time I retire.
  8. MommyofTwo

    MommyofTwo Active Member

    I am not a fan of action movies but I love Liam Neeson movies. Haha. I just love the way he talks, deep voice and very manly.
  9. Summer

    Summer Member

    I usually do some books when I get a chance. I have shopaholic series and some chic flick books that I read during my free time.
  10. we're an active family so we go out and do new stuff or go on hiking adventures. lol. the most recent one was we tried tandem biking! it was fun but difficult at first. next in line is learning how to surf, probably by summer. :)
  11. Rrrobert

    Rrrobert Member

    I personally love bowling. my highest score was around 200 something, and that was when I got 4 consecutive strikes! it was a great moment of achievement, and I try to get the family involved in it as well. :)
  12. We love Liam Neeson. We completed Taken and it was so amazing! His voice is one of a kind. :)
  13. scrap booking! haha. I've made it into a devotion so that when we get older, we can look back on everything. something to look forward to when we get old. :)
  14. iamevallain

    iamevallain Member

    we tried badminton, my husband and i. haha. it was fun and a great way to exercise. :)
  15. Honeylette

    Honeylette Active Member

    Wow, that sounds really great! I love the great outdoors too and I miss camping and hiking a lot!
  16. my wife is hooked to doing scrabooks. one time, she even made me run to the craft store before going home from work because we were out of glue. GLUE, PEOPLE. hahaha.

    well that's great to hear! maybe one of these days, we'll stumble onto each other's family while on the trail! haha.
  17. you can never have enough glue in scrapbooking! haha. I also add little things like tickets to the movie, a pressed flower from the places we've been to, etc. That way, it feels more authentic. :)
  18. Christie

    Christie Active Member

    Haha, and he looks so serious and tough that you will be afraid to mess with him! Such a deep voice :D

    My favorite hobby is baking. I just love making pastries and cakes for everyone!

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